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Dr. Beverly Potter
(Interview featured on A Man's World, May 9, 2006)

Foremost psychologist and author Dr. Beverly Potter specializes in career and workplace issues, particularly job burnout and self-leadership. Her nationwide workshops, lectures, speeches and counseling programs blend humanistic and behavior psychology with Eastern philosophies to create strategies for handling workplace challenges. Dr. Potter's books include FINDING A PATH WITH A HEART: How to Go from Burnout to Bliss and OVERCOMING JOB BURNOUT: How to Renew Enthusiasm for Work

Listen to this engaging interview to find out what burnout really means and ways to identify the burnout factors that might be present in your life, such as having to work on your own time, becoming forgetful, a sex life that is suffering, etc.

Learn how the following promote burnout: inadequate pay, unemployment, and not being recognized for your contributions and good work. Learn various practices to combat the symptoms and factors of burnout such as identifying your ideal work, developing detached concern, finding a path with a heart, tailoring the job to fit you, and thinking powerfully for yourself.

You will also learn the Eight Paths to Personal Power such as:

  • Self-management.
  • Managing stress.
  • Building social support.
  • Tailoring the job.
  • Learning how to learn.
  • Managing your thinking.
  • Detached concern.
  • Changing the job.

    Click below to hear the Interview

Book by Dr. Beverly Potter:
OVERCOMING JOB BURNOUT: How to Renew Enthusiasm for Work

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